Patient Information

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For questions or issues not listed below, feel free to call our office to speak to our staff, who will be able to best direct your call.

  • Schaumburg Office: (847) 240-2211 Press "0"
  • Vernon Hills Office: (847) 918-8282 Press "0"
  • Crystal Lake Office: (815) 356-5050 Press "0"

In general, our office staff are available to assist you...

  • Monday - Thursday: 9am-5pm
  • Friday: 9am-4:30pm

Therapists and MD’s appointment hours tend to extend beyond normal office hours.

Patients are responsible for being aware if their prescriptions are running low and scheduling an appointment before they run out. Helpful tips for prescription refills...


  • Refills are loaded into our e-prescribing system Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm, excluding Holidays when the office is closed. You may still call in your prescription request after-hours by leaving your requests on the prescription request line or requesting a refill through our patient portal Please ask staff for link.
  • NOTE: To have your prescription refilled in the quickest manner, please contact your pharmacy and ask them to electronically request a prescription refill request to your doctor.
  • Please call the correct office for your prescription refill based on your Physician. This is their main office location:
    • Schaumburg Office: (Drs. Resis, Woods, Chang, Nawaz, Greenwald and McFaul) 847-598-8222
    • Vernon Hills Office: (Drs. Paul, Fabsik, Schoenbrod and Komarovsky) 847-932-0822
    • Crystal Lake Office: (Drs. Rhee, Gorman and Ashley Wallen, FNP-C) 815-526-5322
  • Controlled substances prescriptions can be sent electronically. If prescription is written, it must be filled within 90 days from the date it was written. Controlled substances include:
    • Adderall (XR)
    • Concerta
    • Ritalin
    • Focalin
    • Dexedrine
    • Methylin
    • Metadate
    • Dextrostat
    • Vyvanse
    • Daytrana Patch
  • The doctors review requests several times during the day. Please note if you have not been seen in the last 3 months they may require an appointment in order for the prescription to be filled.
  • The on-call psychiatrist/nurse practitioner is available to you to handle problems with medication emergencies and situations, which require immediate attention, and not to provide routine prescription refills. Please be advised that if the on-call doctor is not your regular psychiatrist or you have not followed up with your physician recently, they may not refill your full month prescription regardless of your prescription plan.
  • In order for a prescription to be sent, you must provide all of the following information. If we do not receive all of this information, your prescription refill may be delayed.
    • Your name (PLEASE SPELL) and doctor you see.
    • Your return telephone number with area code (Please turn off privacy manager for return calls).
    • The medication(s) you need refilled (include amounts and dosage(s)).
    • A pharmacy telephone number (Illinois pharmacies only).
    • The medication(s) you need refilled (include amounts and dosage(s)).
    • If you prefer to pick up your prescription in written form please specify if you would like to pick it up (include office location) or if you would like it mailed (include address).

IMPORTANT - Please turn off all privacy manager features on your phone in order for your clinician to return your call!

Each psychiatrist (MD), nurse practitioner (FNP-C) and therapist (Psychologist or Master leveled therapist) have a confidential voicemail.

  • Psychiatrists/MDs/Nurse Practitioner: You can leave a voicemail message for your psychiatrist by contacting them at their main office and entering their extension. For urgent or emergency calls, call your psychiatrists voicemail. While listening to their voicemail, press 1 which will transfer the call to their emergency voicemail box. Once in the emergency voicemail, leave a message. Leaving a message will have your psychiatrist immediately paged. Please limit paging for urgent or emergent needs. Prescription requests should go to our prescription request line at the appropriate office.
  • Messages can be left 24 hours and 7 days a week as needed. Please allow 24 hours for non-emergent messages to be returned for clinicians. Please turn off privacy manager when you are expecting a call back from your clinician.
Days Off/Psychiatrist Availability

Many of our psychiatrists/nurse practitioners take a day "off" during the week and have another clinician in the practice that will cover their calls. Calls to your psychiatrist/nurse practitioners on their day off should be for emergency situations only, otherwise, please leave a message when they have office hours. If you have an emergency on your their day off, leave a message in their voicemail box and the covering psychiatrist/nurse practitioner will return your call. Please make sure to turn off your privacy manager feature and leave a call back number that the covering clinician can contact you.

Clinicians have only one contact number even though they may see patients at multiple locations. Contact numbers are listed below.

Psychiatrist/Nurse Practitioner Office/Voicemail Scheduled Telehealth Link Days Off Office Locations
Dr. Steven J. Resis 847 598-8228 Thurs Crystal Lake, Schaumburg
Dr. Donna M. Woods 847-598-8270 Mon Schaumburg
Dr. Robert Fabsik 847 932-0840 Wed Schaumburg, Vernon Hills
Dr. Janeen H. Paul 847 932-0820 Tue Vernon Hills
Dr. Amber Bard 847-240-2211 x0 Tue, Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun Schaumburg
Dr. Jason Chang 847 598-8235 Wed, Thurs Schaumburg
Dr. Julie Gorman 815-526-5350 Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun Crystal Lake
Dr. Martin Greenwald 847-598-8229 Fri Schaumburg
Dr. Ella Komarovsky 847-932-0830 Sat, Sun Vernon Hills
Dr. Brian M. McFaul 847-932-0850 Fri Schaumburg, Vernon Hills
Dr. Shah Nawaz 847-598-8246 Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sun Crystal Lake, Schaumburg
Dr. Sandy Rhee 847-598-8254 Sat, Sun Schaumburg
Angela Astleford 815-526-5331 Fri, Sat, Sun Crystal Lake
Ashley Wallen 815-526-5330 Tue, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun Crystal Lake
  • Appointments for all MD's/Nurse Practitioners are made by office staff.
    • Schaumburg Office: (847) 240-2211 Press "0"
    • Vernon Hills Office: (847) 918-8282 Press "0"
    • Crystal Lake Office: (815) 356-5050 Press "0"
  • After each appointment your doctor/nurse practitioner will instruct you on when he or she would like you to follow up. Most follow up appointments initially, maybe as soon as one to two weeks and will eventually be spread out further once medications are stable.
  • Standards of practice for PRA psychiatrists/nurse practitioners is that you keep appointments within the required time, regardless of times available in the clinician's schedule. PRA does not guarantee after school, evening or Saturday appointments. We are aware that work, school and extra-curricular activities can be difficult to schedule around and will do our best to work with you.
Helpful tips on appointments
  • Some of our doctors/nurse practitioners book up very quickly so we recommend that you make your follow-up appointment at check out.
  • PRA uses an outside agency for confirmation calls, emails or text. Please listen carefully to messages when you receive them to ensure accuracy in your appointment date and time and office location.
  • Although your prescriber authorizes your prescription for 3 months or more, follow up appointments as indicated by your clinician, are still required. Most PRA prescribers maximum time between appointments is 3 months (please check with them if you are unsure). If you do not follow up within that time, you may experience a delay in filling your prescription.
  • Failure to follow-up after a 6 month period of time will automatically result in your clinical case being closed and may require a new evaluation if you choose to see your prescriber again.
  • PRA requires 24 hours notice for cancellations or the patient will be billed for a missed appointment. Being late to your appointment may result in a missed appointment fee and having to reschedule the appointment. Our prescribers generally do not run late and keep to their scheduled times.
  • When you come in for an appointment, PLEASE CHECK IN WITH THE RECEPTIONIST. If you do not inform the receptionist you are here, the doctor will be unaware you have arrived. Most do not use the switches, so please see the receptionist and they will instruct you on if you need to flip up the light switch.
  • New patients over the age of 18 must call in to make their own appointments patients 12-18 must be aware an appointment is being made for them. Parents must attend sessions for medications to be prescribed.
  • PRA can not release, call, mail, relay ANY information to ANY outside party unless a release is signed by the patient.

PRA therapists schedule their own appointments. If you need to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment with your therapist, you need to leave a message on their voicemail. Please leave a call back number so your therapist can return your call. New patients should leave your name, contact number and who referred you to our practice, on the therapist’s voicemail box.

You can leave a voicemail message for your therapist by contacting them directly. Contact numbers are listed below. For urgent or emergency calls, to have your therapist paged, after leaving a message on your therapist's voicemail, hit the # then 9 after your message. This will have your therapist immediately paged.

For follow up visits with your therapist, you DO NOT need to check in with the receptionist, you can simple put the clinicians light switch in the up position and have a seat when you arrive in any of our office waiting rooms. If you are unsure of which office your clinician is in, you can ask the receptionist.

Therapist Contact Number Scheduled Telehealth Link Office Locations
Jeana Altman 815 526-5353 Crystal Lake
Dr. Andrew Bowman 847-598-8233 Schaumburg
Dr. Michael J. Camara 847-598-8255 Schaumburg, Vernon Hills
Liz K. Cooper 847-932-0844 Vernon Hills
Lisa Curry 847-598-8242 Schaumburg
Ellen Erlichman 847-598-8256 Schaumburg
Roberta Frankel 847-598-8226 Schaumburg, Vernon Hills
Dr. Erika P. Gray 847-598-8280 Crystal Lake, Schaumburg
Dr. Robert A. Green 847-598-8268 Schaumburg
Rebecca Hahnfeld 815-526-5346 Crystal Lake
Nicole Briel Hiller 847-932-0813 Vernon Hills
Susan D. Jacobs 847-932-0842 Vernon Hills
Shafaq Javaid 815-526-5345 Crystal Lake
Dr. Kimberly Kerley 847-598-8248 Crystal Lake, Schaumburg
Steve J. Kim 847-932-0848 Vernon Hills
Kari Kimpton 847-932-0808 Vernon Hills
Stephanie Lafontaine 815-526-5335 Crystal Lake
Nanette Lasco 815-526-5340 Crystal Lake
Sandra Levy 847-932-0815 Vernon Hills
Dr. John Lewandowski III 815-526-5326 Crystal Lake
Dr. Shari Liebling 847-932-0849 Vernon Hills
Dr. Barry C. Lipin 847-598-8230 Schaumburg
Brigette Muck 847-932-0846 Vernon Hills
Dr. Sultan S. Oner 847-598-8245 Schaumburg
Chelsea Parker 847-932-0810 Vernon Hills
Dr. Toby Perlman 847-932-0805 Vernon Hills
Jill J. Pixley 815-526-5341 Crystal Lake
Dr. Mitchell Powers 847-932-0814 Vernon Hills
Paula L. Sabin 847-598-8267 Schaumburg
Dr. Janice Spangler 815-526-5344 Crystal Lake
Paige Spangler 815-526-5318 Crystal Lake
Dr. Deborah H. Stern 847-598-8225 Schaumburg, Vernon Hills
Shane A. Westerberg 815-526-5316 Crystal Lake
Dr. Brian J. Zercher 847-598-8231 Crystal Lake, Schaumburg

Medical Records Request and other Form/Letter Completions

Medical record requests must be made in writing with the appropriate release signed indicating where the medical records need to be released to. To start this process, please contact our Medical Records coordinator at 847-240-2211 x247 to review the necessary paperwork, releases and fees associated with medical records requests. Please be aware fees may apply.

Request for the completion of forms and letters are presented to your doctor or therapist and must be approved by them before completion. Fees may apply. Forms and letters do require processing time, so please be patient. Calling several times to ask status only delays processing time. We will do everything in our power to honor deadlines but they cannot be guaranteed if proper notice is not given.

PRA wants to work cooperatively with you to make sure that claims and statements are paid accurately and efficiently. We make efforts to verify your insurance benefits prior to your first appointment. Please note that the benefits given are only an estimate based on what your insurance company tells us. If your explanation of benefits (EOB) comes back incorrectly or paying differently, we will work with the insurance company to clarify the correct fees and adjust your account accordingly, which could mean a credit, will be applied to your account or additional payment is required. After attempting to work with your insurance company, if payment is not issued, the responsible party will be liable for the bill. Please remember your benefits for your insurance are between you and your insurance company. We do our best to help you understand them based on services we provide at PRA.

Payment is due at the time of service unless previous arrangements are made with the billing department and the clinician you are seeing. We are mandated by our contract with your insurance company to collect co-pays for services rendered. Failure to pay copay or co-insurance at time of service will result in an additional financial charge or disruption in treatment services.

TThe office charges a $35 return check fee for any checks returned to our office by our bank. If you are unable to make your co-payment, arrangements can be made prior to your next appointment with our billing department. Please be aware that failure to work toward your unpaid balances may result in termination of services. You also may not begin treatment with any new clinicians at PRA is you have unpaid balances with clinicians.

Parents of Patients under 18 years of age please read the following statement: If you are a parent and are unable to accompany your child who is the patient to the appointment, please send them with a check or we can put a credit card number on file. If there is a divorce agreement between parents on financial responsibility, it is between the parents and not PRA. The parent that accompanies the patient is responsible for making the co-payment at the time of service. PRA is not responsible for upholding the agreements made between parents in divorce situations

If you have questions regarding a bill or statement you received, you can contact our billing department. Please review the list below to determine whom you need to talk with. The billing department is available Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm, Fridays, 8am – 3pm. Find your clinician below and call the number listed to speak to the assigned account representative.

Amy  847-598-8273
  • Dr. Steven J. Resis
  • Dr. Amber Bard
  • Dr. Jason Chang
  • Dr. Martin Greenwald
  • Dr. Sandy Rhee
  • Lisa Curry
  • Dr. Erika P. Gray
  • Dr. Barry C. Lipin
  • Dr. Sultan S. Oner
Heather A.  847-932-0838
  • Dr. Robert Fabsik
  • Dr. Janeen H. Paul
  • Liz K. Cooper
  • Susan D. Jacobs
  • Steve J. Kim
  • Kari Kimpton
  • Dr. Shari Liebling
  • Chelsea Parker
Brittany  815-526-5358
  • Jeana Altman
  • Shafaq Javaid
  • Stephanie Lafontaine
  • Dr. John Lewandowski III
  • Jill J. Pixley
  • Dr. Janice Spangler
  • Shane A. Westerberg
  • Angela Astleford
Susan K.  847-932-0825
  • Dr. Ella Komarovsky
  • Dr. Brian M. McFaul
  • Dr. Michael J. Camara
  • Nicole Briel Hiller
  • Sandra Levy
  • Brigette Muck
  • Dr. Toby Perlman
  • Dr. Mitchell Powers
  • Dr. Deborah H. Stern
Jennifer J.  815-526-5315
  • Dr. Julie Gorman
  • Dr. Shah Nawaz
  • Rebecca Hahnfeld
  • Dr. Kimberly Kerley
  • Nanette Lasco
  • Paige Spangler
  • Dr. Brian J. Zercher
  • Ashley Wallen
Michelle M.   847-598-8276
  • Dr. Donna M. Woods
  • Dr. Andrew Bowman
  • Ellen Erlichman
  • Roberta Frankel
  • Dr. Robert A. Green
  • Paula L. Sabin

A few helpful tips to help you and PRA in processing claims quickly:

  • Please make sure we have the current insurance on file. Failure to supply PRA with new insurance information resulting in no payment, will result in the full financial responsibility to be due by the patient. (see new insurance form under FORMS)
  • Please make sure we have your correct spelling of your name and current address on file. Insurance claims will be denied if name and address does not match their records.
  • PRA does not submit to secondary insurance, so make sure to ask for a copy of the bill at checkout so you can submit on your own.
  • Missed sessions charges are initiated by your clinician. Therefore, they would be the only ones that can remove the charge. If you are disputing the charge you would need to discuss it with your clinician directly.
  • If PRA is having problems with a claim, we ask will that you contact your insurance company to help us expedite the claim process.
  • We make every effort to ensure insurance claims are paid correctly. PRA will make one attempt to work with your insurance company to pay for services. After one attempt, balances not paid by the insurance company will be the patient's responsibility.
  • Every Insurance policy is different. For specific plan coverage you will need to contact the phone number on the back of your insurance card.
  • PRA accepts cash (must be exact), personal check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Charge cards can be put on file for patients that are seen when no office staff is present or if it is an adolescent whose parent is not present to pay or you can hit the PAY NOW button to pay on our website. There is also the option to pay on the patient portal. Please ask staff to send you a link.
  • We can issue a receipt for proof of payment if needed.
  • PRA does not accept Medicaid, Kid Care or workman's comp claims.

If you should have any questions, concerns, compliments or problems related to your treatment at Perakis, Resis, Woods & Associates, you may address your concerns directly with your physician or therapist. In addition you may contact:

  • Paula M. Comm, MA, LCPC, CADC Practice Administrator 847-598-8224