Telehealth Information

PRA clinicians are only licensed to practice in the state of Illinois. When doing telehealth with your clinician you agree to be within the state of Illinois. If you are not in Illinois during the time of your appointment you will notify the clinician at the start of your appointment to determine medical necessity to continue the appointment or to reschedule when you will be in Illinois. In addition, in order for telehealth session to occur, you must be in a private location with no other persons around.

Note - Contact numbers below are for contacting office staff about issues with using Telehealth services only.

Psychiatrist/Nurse Practitioner Scheduled Telehealth Link
(click your clinician’s link below to access your session)
Contact Number
Dr. Steven J. Resis 847 598-8221
Dr. Donna M. Woods 847 598-8221
Dr. Robert Fabsik 847 932-0821
Dr. Amber Bard 847-598-8221
Dr. Jason Chang 847 598-8221
Dr. Ella Komarovsky 847 932-0821
Dr. Tiffany Mateo 847-240-2211
Dr. Brian M. McFaul 847-932-0821
Dr. Shah Nawaz 847 598-8221
Dr. Sandy Rhee 847-598-8221
Dr. Virin Va 847-598-8221
Angela Astleford 815-526-5321
Angelica Pucha 847-918-8282
Ashley Wallen 815-526-5321

Note - Contact numbers below are for questions or if you have issues with using Telehealth services.

Therapist Scheduled Telehealth Link
(click your clinician’s link below to access your session)
Contact Number
Jeana Altman 815 526-5353
Dr. Andrew Bowman 847-598-8233
Dr. Heather Brown 8475988250
Dr. Michael J. Camara 847-598-8255
Liz K. Cooper 847-932-0844
Lisa Curry 847-598-8242
Ellen Erlichman 847-598-8256
Roberta Frankel 847-598-8226
Dr. Erika P. Gray 847-598-8280
Dr. Robert A. Green 847-598-8268
Rebecca Hahnfeld 815-526-5346
Elizabeth Jacek 847-932-0813
Shafaq Javaid 815-526-5345
Debbie Kaufman 8479320810
Dr. Kimberly Kerley 847-598-8248
Steve J. Kim 847-932-0848
Kari Kimpton 847-932-0808
Stephanie Lafontaine 815-526-5335
Sandra Levy 847-918-8282
Dr. John Lewandowski III 815-526-5326
Dr. Shari Liebling 847-932-0849
Dr. Barry C. Lipin 847-598-8230
Dana Marolt 815-526-5320
Dr. Sultan S. Oner-Hasapis 847-598-8245
Jill J. Pixley 815-526-5341
Dr. Mitchell Powers 847-932-0814
Paula L. Sabin 847-598-8267
Dr. Janice Spangler 815-526-5344
Paige Spangler 815-526-5318
Dr. Deborah H. Stern 847-598-8225
Donna Ward 847-598-8295
Shane A. Westerberg 815-526-5316
Dr Florentine Wilk 847-598-8252
Dr. Brian J. Zercher 847-598-8231